Acoustic & Vibration Testing

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Acoustic and vibration testing are important techniques used to measure and evaluate the sound and vibration characteristics of a wide range of products. These tests are used to ensure that products meet performance and safety standards, as well as to identify and troubleshoot any issues.


Acoustic testing measures a product's sound level and frequency response, and is used to determine noise emissions, sound quality and durability. Vibration testing measures the mechanical response of a product to various types of vibration, and is used to determine its resistance to environmental conditions such as shock, temperature, and humidity. Both types of testing are typically performed in specialized labs using a variety of instruments and equipment, including accelerometer sensors and measurement microphones, and data collected during the tests can be analyzed to identify any issues and to make design changes as needed to improve product performance.


These testing are used in various industries, such as consumer electronics, vehicles, industrial equipment, construction, aerospace and defense.