DIT-MCO began its evolution shortly after founder George P. Heller incorporated his business that catered to the once-flourishing drive-in theater business in 1948. Drive-In Theater Manufacturing Company, renamed DIT-MCO in 1951, produced theater screens, speakers and other projection equipment. By early 1953, the construction boom of drive-in theaters ebbed and Heller looked for other avenues of revenue.

Meanwhile, an enterprising young man named Warren Hannon was working as an engineer at the nearby North American Aviation plant. The plant built the F-86 and C-45 planes. Hannon was in charge of overseeing the electrical cable testing. Hannon got the idea of making a ‘universal automatic analyzer’ and somehow joined with DIT-MCO to produce the first automatic tester

Thus began the Electronics Division. By 1954, Goodyear purchased the company’s first Universal Circuit Analyzer. Shortly thereafter, Boeing purchased one for work on the B-47. This fixed-sequence circuit analyzer, a Model 200, proved to be such a boon to DIT-MCO that by 1959 the Drive-In Theater division was sold to its employees.

By that time, the company was known as DIT-MCO. It had become common for the military and its industrial suppliers to say, “This aircraft needs to be DIT-MCOed.”

DIT-MCO earned brand-name recognition while its engineers helped develop high voltage testing specifications that set the standard for the military and its industrial suppliers.

DIT-MCO created new products as technology developed. By 1960, engineering began on the first random access wiring analyzer. The first units used punch paper tape for control, precursor to the use of computers on the front end in the 1970s. Technological advances in switch design and fault detection increased the speed of the test systems.

Through its over 60-year history, DIT-MCO’s dedication to customer service has remained constant. “Customer services and satisfaction are integral parts of the DIT-MCO philosophy,” says DIT-MCO’s President and CEO John Kusek.

DIT-MCO’s equipment was used on the early “Hawk Missile,” the first intercontinental Atlas missile, the Polaris missiles for the Navy, the Titan missiles for the Air Force, and the Patriot Missile, as well as almost all the aircraft used by the Air Force, Army and the Navy.

The space age has seen DIT-MCO’s equipment used in the manufacture of the Dyna-Soar, Project Mercury putting the first man in space, Project Gemini, the Apollo Saturn V Program that took men and the Lunar Module to the moon, NASA’s Space Shuttle vehicles, and presently on the James Webb Space Telescope.

“The people we have working for DIT-MCO are the greatest asset we have,” says Kusek. “The future is bright for DIT-MCO. We are partnering with the top companies of the world. And we have over 60 years of experience to draw from. I am confident our greatest achievements have yet to be seen.”

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