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Future Mobility Asia leads Asia's transition to clean mobility, creating a crucial platform for stakeholders to engage with the continent's sustainable transport future. This meeting point catalyses investment, innovation, and policy discourse to drive Asia towards a future of net-zero emissions within its rapidly evolving economies.

24 Apr 2024
APx500 Not Functioning on Your Computer?

Are you experiencing APX500 software not functioning on your computer? Please reach out to us for further assistance and information. 

23 Apr 2024
[Success Story] Hardware-in-the-loop Platform at Nanyang Technological University

​Building a physical hardware setup for a large multi-microgrid system for test validationof new regulation strategies is significantly tedious, time-consuming and costly. For projects with li ited time and funding, this is usually not practical, especially during the early stages of the project.

23 Apr 2024

This approach provides an extensive amount of vibroacoustic information for every vehicle section, ultimately helping to design an effective damping treatment..

21 Apr 2024

The Multi-Scanning Workbench (formerly SCN hardware) now comes as complete hardware platform for vibration and sound pressure (or other domain) scans. Two separate software packages are available for mechanical and acoustical analysis. 

19 Apr 2024
The Benefits of APx500 Software Subscriptions

Who wouldn’t want an APX500 subscription when it grants you access to the best of everything? Best of all, it’s provided at the lowest possible cost, based on an amortized monthly price.

17 Apr 2024
[Free Webinar] Innovations in Measurement Microphones for Aerospace

Discover how customization and non-standard applications of measurement microphones and solutions help the aerospace segment push the envelope – and how they can revolutionize your work, too!

15 Apr 2024
[Free Webinar] Dive into the details of the MASK ONE 2024 Release

What's new in MAK ONE 2024? Sign up for this webinar with Jim Kogler, MAK's VP of Products, to dive into the details and new features. Don’t miss it!

01 Apr 2024
10 Ways to Reduce Testing Time in APx500

Discover 10 game-changing strategies to slash measurement times and supercharge your Apx500 efficiency. From turbocharging your computer to harnessing cutting-edge measurement techniques, this guide has everything you need to streamline your testing process. Say goodbye to sluggish measurements and hello to rapid results. Dive in and revolutionize your audio testing today!

22 Mar 2024
[ Free Webinar] CPPS Co-simulation: Operational Level for HIL with Cyber-security Focus

Our webinar, explores a groundbreaking research project aiming to develop a HIL-capable co-simulation environment, focusing on cyber-attack scenarios. Discover how RT-LAB and EXata simulation frameworks, combined with physical devices and custom software, create a holistic testbed environment to simulate real-world challenges.

11 Mar 2024
[Free Webinar] The Benefits of Particle Velocity

Join us as we explore the power of particle velocity in acoustic testing, and learn what sets it apart from traditional measurement techniques.

01 Mar 2024
[Free Webinar] Role of Advanced Co-Simulation Within Highly Integrated Motor System Development

Find out how to use advanced co-simulation to mitigate risk, boost efficiency and reduce cost during the motor control development process.  

29 Feb 2024
Trade-In Your Audio Analyzer and Unlock New Possibilities

Are you tired of outdated audio equipment holding you back from achieving the highest precision and quality in your audio measurements?

Look no further! Our exclusive trade-in promotion is here to help you upgrade your testing setup and unleash your full potential.

28 Feb 2024
Audio Analyzer and Measurement Microphone Bundle Promotion

Don't Miss Out - Our Sale Won't Last! 

Purchase APx517B Series acoustic audio analyzer and get GRAS EQ 40PM measurement microphone with EQset for free! 

28 Feb 2024