NEW EQset™ Technology

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NEW EQset™ Technology

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EQset is the latest innovation landmark by GRAS. This new technology, never seen in Production Line or Measurement microphones before, enables a microphone with a preset gain, also referred to as fixed sensitivity, and a flat response. Providing engineers with high workflow efficiency as well as high measurement accuracy. Furthermore, all GRAS micophones with EQset technology are fully backwards compatible, and are rigorously tested according to GRAS standards.



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Product Overview

GRAS EQ 40PM Production Line microphones Innovating the world of production line measurement




Fixed Sensitivity

Sensitivity variation between individual microphones varies less than 0.2 dB from nominal sensitivity. Historically, microphone sensitivity have a ±2 dB spread.


Flat Frequency Response

Response variation across the full frequency range is less than 0.5 dB. Historically, microphone response variation across the full frequency is ±2 dB.


EQset ensures flat response across the entire frequency range


Product Features

Reduce time and resources spent on setup and installation


  • Ease of Use

EQset-enabled microphones work out of the box and are far superior to equivalent microphones without this EQset. For example, setting up, checking, and replacing a microphone in the production setting can happen quickly and easily without any kind of individual microphone adjustment or calibration.


  • Cost Efficiency

EQset microphones are  very price-competitive, user-friendly solutions that allow users to perform acoustic measurements without the hassles typically associated with setup time, validation, downtime, or time for replacing microphones. The added functionality combined with the reduced time needed for operator training and handling, as well as the long lifetime of the microphone, make EQset microphones by far the most cost-effective solutions available.


  • Reduced Risk

With EQset technology, measurement uncertainties can be reduced to a minimum. For example, in a production line setting, probably the most costly quality risk is the inherent risk of false passes. By using EQset-enabled microphones, QA departments can increase confidence in product quality by completely eliminating this risk. EQset technology ensures a factory-set fixed gain and sensitivity across all frequencies. In R&D,  the complexity of compensating for sensitivities of frequencies outside the specifically calibrated frequency can be challenging and extremely time consuming. EQset removes all of that extra time and effort by providing an equalized signal with a fixed sensitivity and flat frequency response across the entire range. This simplifies the measurement process and thereby removes the possibility of correction errors.


Nothing compares to EQset